Pop-Up EVENT@ Gilruth Center

Try out our experiences before we officially open our doors.

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This is your chance to be some of first to try Free Roam VR at it’s best Experiences!

Perfect for GroupsĀ 

We invite you to a VR experience that goes beyond your living room. Play with friends while battling robots, zombies, orcs, goblins and each other.



TBD (To be determined)



Gilruth Center (near NASA)

Exclusive Pricing for Pop Up Event:

Preview Event - 5 games to choose from for 2 Game Bundle

2 Game Bundle ($25/person)

approximately 30 minutes

While in VR, you’ll vote to try 2 of the 5 VR games above. You can see detailed descriptions of each game here.

Escape Room ($50/person)

approximately 60 minutes

Check out B-Block Breakout! One of a kind VR prison break.

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Walk-ins accepted on a first come first serve basis.

In order to participate:

    – Age 10 and under must participate with a parent or guardian.
    – Under age 18? Come with an adult.