It’s been a busy 5 weeks since the last update. We actually had 2 preview events! It was amazing to see how much fun people are having. Thanks to all those who came out again and brought more friends along. We appreciate everyone helping us spread the word. Free Roam VR is hard to explain. The best way to show people what Free Roam VR is about, is to simply have them experience it for themselves.

Below are some pictures from the event:

Building Update

Construction has finally started! The landlord has been working with the city to get approval for the build-out he has planned. The city has not completely approved the build-out but, the landlord managed to get approved to start the demolition process. We’ve already had to re-design some things due to “hidden gems” in the demolished walls and city comments on the build-out plan. Nothing major so far, just re-arranging the bathrooms and changing where we planned on putting the check-in desk.

Although things are moving along, we still don’t know exactly when we will be able to get in. We’ll keep posting monthly updates here for those who want the details. When we have a tentative date, we’ll post on the socials and blast folks via email.

Summer Plans

This weekend marks the beginning of summer for us here in the gulf coast of Texas. We wanted to try to provide a way to “beat the heat” this summer by having a unique indoor experience the people could do with their friends and family. Unfortunately, we are not sure we’ll be able to do that this summer. At least in the way we had imagined it.

We currently have plans to try to do another pop-up event late June. We are still working out some details on our end. This weekend we are going to try to work out the technical issues we are having. After that, we should be ready to book a venue. We will post on the socials and send out emails as soon as we have a date for the next event where people can come try out some Free Roam VR.