It’s been a whole year since we started this website to start our business. A lot has happened between the idea of what it could be and the reality of what That VR Place is becoming today. We are excited to see where this journey takes us.

The February preview event was a great success. Thanks to all who attended. We got some great feedback about the new flow we tried out. We were able to check people in, have them put on their own gear, transport everyone to their experiences, and most importantly, have everyone transport back safety. We even figured out where in the flow it was best to sanitize the headsets with ample time to dry before the next person needed to use it.

What has been a joy for us is to see how much fun folks are having in the experiences. We even had one guy tell us “I was reminded what it means to have fun!”

Below are a few pictures of the last event followed by a video we put together:

Spring Break Week

This upcoming week is spring break over here in the bay area of Houston, Texas. We are excited to have been able to book the Lonestar Room at the Gilruth Center from March 14th to March 18th. Check out more details on our preview event page HERE.

Building Update

Unfortunately, there is still not much news to tell. Last we heard the architectural drawings are almost complete. We don’t really understand the nature of what is taking so long. The landlord isn’t very communicative about the details of the build out process. However, we are confident that the landlord is doing what he can to get us into the building. Since we don’t have any kind of date, we are going to start looking for a temporary home. The preview events at the GilruthCenter have been great, but it will be nice to set up camp some place. This would allow us to start offering private parties for birthdays, date nights, etc. And more importantly, allow us to show off our escape rooms.

Looking Forward

So far, we have been able to showcase 4 of our arcade game experiences. This is only the tip of the iceburg of what we are planning to provide at That VR Place. We have already licensed some free roam VR escape rooms that people will be able to experience when we have the chance. We are starting to look into what it looks like to provide VR tours of different real-life locations around the world. Plus, are also looking into any hardware that would enhance the experience like VR simulators, omni-directional treadmills, haptic gear, etc. We are excited to see, and be part of, the evolution of this new tech. It is truly amazing what is going to be possible in this new, virtual, reality.