Last Month’s Preview Event

The last preview event we did was BIG! We had big technical issues, big delays in getting people in, and big success stories of customers loving the VR experience we provided. We’ve learned a lot! Thanks to all who attended and provided feedback. Below are a few pictures that showcase the event.

New Preview Event


Fri, February 24th, 2023
12:00pm to 7:30pm
Gilruth Center near Johnson Space Center

  • up to 6 people at once
  • 20ft x 20ft free roam area
  • choose any 2 of 4 different experiences
  • $15 / person (%50 off normal price)

We will be booking both arenas this time. We want to test out a new online booking system. Walk-ins are still welcome and we will fit them into partially booked time-slots the best we can. The best way to ensure your party can all play together is to book online before coming out. We will be showcasing the same 4 of our VR game worlds. Survive a zombie apocalypse, defend a tree against a hoard of orcs, defeat an evil virus, or go head to head in VR laser tag. The best part is that the event will still be only $15/person. Take advantage now as this deal won’t last forever.

Building Update

We are still patiently waiting for our landlord to finish up the build out of our new space. Unfortunately, we still do not have a date. The best way to try out free roam VR is to attend one of our preview events. We plan to continue to have these events as often as we can until we can occupy our space.